Infrastructure Heroes

The NextEdge team goes above and beyond every day for our customers. We’re constantly amazed by the grit and can-do spirit of our teams, as we build the intelligent infrastructure that keeps this country connected. We’re starting a blog series, telling some of our stories, to help bring people into the world of what it takes to build great infrastructure.

Want to come work with a team that celebrates its people?  See if we’ve got a role for you.

Connecting a Pro Basketball Arena

Ryan Wunsch, Matthew Norton, Ron Max – Modus NextEdge is passionate about connecting communities.  What better way to bring a community together than to create

Planning & Deploying 5G

Wyll Sparks, Ryan Hargett, Jared Lovett, Adam Edwards – NIS Have you ever been curious about the work that goes into delivering your wireless coverage? 

“Camp Covid” Buildout

Matt Bailey, Dakota Meydag, James Wilson – NIS Telecom Field Team We’ve all got a crazy story from the Spring of 2020. For me, all