Trends From the EV Charging Summit & Expo

NextEdge EV Business Development Team

We had the privilege recently to spend some time at the Ask-the-Experts Bar at the EV Charging Summit and Expo in Las Vegas. The event was pretty incredible – it was clear that this is a market with huge growth and excitement around it, and we thought we’d share some trends from the show.  We met and spoke with companies of various sizes, from startups to established corporations. Worth noting was the significant presence of major oil companies as they look to diversify their alternative fuel strategy and portfolio into electrification

We’re hearing about a few main drivers for the growth in fleet electrification.  The most attractive reason is long-term cost savings, but companies are also responding to upcoming legislation and environmental regulation in many states. All of this said, without wider availability of heavy-duty EV’s, this would not be a real possibility. We continue to see improvements in battery technology and range, as well as multiple OEM EV vehicle options across all platforms, which is great.

What’s even more exciting are the advancements in hardware and software for smart electrical load management. At the event, we saw many innovative technologies that are designed to allow users to charge multiple vehicles on their existing power allocation from the local utility, simply by optimization and load management. This means customers can be more efficient about when they’re drawing power from the grid and prioritizing their needs for its output throughout the day.

Our customers are recognizing that fleet electrification requires significant infrastructure planning, starting with early conversations with their local utility about current electrical capacity and what upgrades will be needed in the future during full build-out.  Power upgrades from the utility and turn-times for hardware and equipment are often 12+ months, so working with an EV partner that can help manage the entire process and marry up these deliverables is invaluable. Anyone planning on deploying an EV fleet in 2024-25 should act quickly to ensure they have all the pieces in place prior to EV delivery dates.

Choosing an experienced strategic partner is critical, as the market is heating up quickly, and having a game plan well in advance of your execution is key. As this technology gains in popularity, demand for services is likely to outpace supply.

That’s where companies like NextEdge are so valuable in the EV design/build space. We offer end-to-end turnkey services around EV charging infrastructure, including design, engineering, site acquisition, utility coordination, installation, and maintenance. We can act as an extension of your company and self-perform across several regions of the country, helping you stay competitive. NextEdge is able to guide you through the entire process seamlessly. The customers we spoke with at the event saw a lot of value in that model.

At NextEdge, we believe that fleet electrification is a key ingredient in building the cities of tomorrow. We’re excited to be at the forefront of this change and look forward to helping our customers make the EV transition.

Erica Moon
Erica Moon
Erica Moon is the Chief Marketing Officer of NextEdge Networks. She has an extensive career in technology and telecom marketing, and is a longtime fan of the live music scene in her hometown, Austin.