The NextEdge Family of Companies

We design & build intelligent infrastructure to help communities thrive.

We build & maintain both Macro and Small Cell sites. We have strong capabilities in Architecture & Engineering, Site Acquisition, and Construction Management.

We have the specialized equipment and know-how to lay both aerial & ground fiber in the communities we serve.  We help our customers bring faster internet to schools, homes and businesses.

We are experienced in building Level 2 & Level 3 charging stations, destination chargers, and energy storage packs, in a variety of commercial or multi-unit residential settings.

We are experts in bringing power and connectivity to Internet of Things sensors, even in the most challenging locations.

What’s happening at NextEdge
Hear from Joe Robinson - Why he likes working at Network Installation Specialists LLC, a NextEdge company. 

Joe works as a project manager in Ball Ground, Georgia.

"I came to NIS because I wanted a position that would allow me to continue doing work that I was experienced in. I have over 20 years of experience in Wireless Telecom. Once here, I realized that I've found a tight knit community that cultivates an atmosphere of growth. This industry definitely comes with its array of challenges, but I’ve never been more confident in the capabilities of our team to consistently meet and exceed expectations. �Who wouldn't want to be on a winning team?".

NextEdge builds solutions for intelligent infrastructure, enabling connected communities everywhere.

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At NextEdge, we know that navigating the complexities and location-specific regulations is essential to getting the job done. 

Within our family of companies, each has a unique understanding of the communities they serve, because they live there, too. 

Modus | Network Installation Specialists LLC | Spectrum Services, Inc. | Source Broadband Services | Summitt Cellular | Towersource, LLC 

We get things done in even the most rigorous jurisdictions while remaining conscious and respectful of the many different stakeholders involved.

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"You don't have to swing hard to hit a home run. If you got the timing, it'll go." - Yogi Berra.

Awesome photo by: Michael Kim

"The best part of this job is that we get paid to go on adventures and that we get to discover what we are made of every day." - Michael Kim, Director of Safety and Training at NextEdge. 

Grow your career within an exciting and challenging space and push yourself to new heights through our combined network of support.

NextEdge builds solutions for intelligent infrastructure, enabling connected communities everywhere.

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Our team at Network Installation Specialists LLC, a NextEdge Company is putting the final touches on a monopole stack in Ballground, Georgia.

At NextEdge, our teams bring the right approach, experience, and mindset to take on even the most difficult jobs. 
We come prepared with the comprehensive capabilities to serve a broad range of projects and the determination to find solutions to any challenge.

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If you like climbing, and are looking for an industry that’s been growing for 25+ years, Cell Tower Hand might be the right job for you. 

We’re hiring Tower Hands in multiple cities across the country, with extensive training, great pay, and some of the best benefits in the industry. 

Plus, our teams are truly teams, where people like coming to work every day and enjoy working with each other. 

We have strong growth opportunities for experienced Tower Hands, and support networks for veterans, women, and those new to the industry. 

Join us!  Click link in bio for open positions.

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Why do customers like working with Towersource, LLC?

Hear from Kristy Alligood, Director of Managed Services at Towersource, LLC, a NextEdge company, on her thoughts on the importance of delivering a clean product in a timely manner.

We are obsessed with delivering results for our partners and customers. 

No matter the challenge, we are relentless in our pursuit of the right solutions for every job that we take on.

NextEdge builds solutions for intelligent infrastructure, enabling connected communities everywhere.

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Innovation that keeps communities connected.

  • We built the US’ first 5G site.
  • In 2020, we deployed 354 Macro sites and 1,397 Small Cells.
  • In 2021, we were named Inc. Magazine’s 1,168th Fastest Growing Private Company.
  • We are the US’s first wireless services B-Corp.

NextEdge is now nationwide.