Towersite Services

The Southeast's Tower Professionals

A Commitment to Quality Workmanship

Towersite Services is committed to doing the highest quality work in the industry –  we know that our reputation depends on it.  We set ourselves apart by ensuring our team of expert estimators, project managers, and technicians have the most recent certifications possible, along with exceptional training, equipment, and materials for every job.

We work throughout the Southeast, installing and maintaining wireless equipment, and specialize in macro installation.  We aim to do the work right the first time, every time, so our customers are not faced with downtime or costly repairs.  We hire our people carefully and hold them to a high standard, all while maintaining a family culture.

Our Capabilities


We hold ourselves to the highest standard in all our work, across antenna and line installation, tower new builds, colocation, dark fiber, tower inspections and mapping, and electrical and civil construction.  We have extensive training and high safety standards for our teams, and we pride ourselves on being able to take on any job… and do it right, the first time.  Helping our customers build out modern, wireless networks, on time and on budget, is what we do every day.

Small Cell

To help you improve coverage in dense areas, Towersite Services can perform installation and maintenance on any small cell location imaginable, from light poles to the sides of buildings, to kiosks, etc. We love a challenge, and know our jurisdictions well, so let us know your goals for Small Cell in the Southeast and we will deliver.  Our aim is to do whatever is needed to make things right for our customers.

Project Management

Hitting our customers’ timelines requires excellent coordination.  Materials have to get to where they are going, equipment has to be warehoused and shipped, the right skilled crews have to do the work, and our record-keeping needs to be flawless to provide simple reporting and thorough proof of performance.  Our Project Managers are top notch – they keep multiple projects moving forward and deliver on time.  We know our customers have tough goals to hit, and we appreciate being their go-to partner to help them do it.

Meet Our Local Leadership Team

Tony Lovette


Thomas Bancroft

Vice President

Robin Loughmiller

General Manager