Network Operators

Reliable and scalable solutions for overcoming barriers to wireless connectivity.

Why NextEdge Networks?

NextEdge Networks are leaders in end-to-end small cell and in-building design, installation, commissioning and maintenance, enabling a clear path through the technology evolution into the future.

Services We Offer

Turnkey Small Cell Solutions

We support you in deploying outdoor small cells as a turnkey, fully integrated wireless connectivity solution. We deploy small cells in the most challenging jurisdictions across the country, and manage municipality relationships to speed your deployment and reduce your costs. Our full-service site process covers all planning and permitting processes, owner interactions, site fees, and legal work—including vertical, horizontal, pole attachment, and façade mounting rights. NextEdge Networks holds and maintains the agreement with the property owner through the duration of the contract.

Turnkey In-Building Wireless Solutions

NextEdge Networks solves the challenges you face in improving wireless coverage inside your buildings. To increase your building’s wireless utility, we provide RF design, cabling design and installation, equipment requirements, equipment instillation, system optimization, and maintenance, as well as optional financing.

Key elements of our solution:

  • Survey, dimensioning and future-proof design of the optimal solution for your situation
  • Turnkey installation and integration from the data center to the antenna points
  • Ongoing maintenance with timely troubleshooting and fault correction

Fiber-to-Cell Solutions

We have extensive experience in providing fiber to wireless facilities. Combined with our unmatched ability to manage challenging local jurisdictions, we embody a powerful combination for small cell installation and delivery. Having worked with every major fiber provider, we are able to install our own fiber to exceed your timing requirements.

More Services We Offer

Project & Construction Management

We provide project and construction management, and the associated delivery services for all field operations. We submit architecture and engineering plans for construction, coordinate AAV/Backhaul service, deliver ongoing and frequent process and program updates, and finalize the project with detailed closeout documentation.

Site Maintenance

Our maintenance includes sparing, repair, and warehousing, as well as optional network monitoring resources (NOC) to ensure the highest system performance and reliability.


We have managed thousands of telecom connections. In addition to our relationships with major providers, our knowledge and program management skills ensure that once your site is ready, it will connect with the network grid whenever you want it to.