Leading the way in Turn-key Small Cell Services for Outdoor and In-Building Solutions

We built the first

5G site in the country

4,000 Small

cells nationwide

Got connectivity issues? We can help you with that.

Network operators

Expand and ensure your customers’ access to fortified wireless connectivity, even in challenging locations.

Real estate owners

Give your tenants faster and more reliable connectivity. With NextEdge, you can offer a better wireless experience without driving up your operational costs.

The right ingredients to make wireless work.


We cover everything from zone and permit processes to infrastructure warehousing—saving you from headaches and heartburn.


We plan for all contingencies, and that attention to detail means enhanced wireless connectivity for your customers—without fail—now and in the future.


We create custom solutions that fit the nuances of your unique needs, and can scale from local projects to national programs.


Our goal is to help you keep your customers and tenants happy, and we have a 20-year history of delivering just that, to improve retention and reduce customer calls.