At NextEdge, we provide innovative intelligent infrastructure solutions that keep pace with, and often even inspire, the evolving demands of connected technologies.

We solve every challenge on behalf of our partners through deep understanding, resourcefulness, and relentless drive.

In short, we do the hard work to turn connected technologies from a vision, to reality.

So, your smartphone works in an emergency.  Or, your child can live stream their first recital to relatives far away.

NextEdge companies have 25+ years’ experience in:

Macro Modifications & New Builds

Small Cell Modifications & New Builds

Site Acquisition & Government Relations

Architecture & Engineering

Permit & Regulatory Compliance Management

In-Building Communications Construction & Leasing

Construction Vendor Management

Rawlands Tower Builds

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Want to work with us? We’re actively looking for tower, construction, & electrical crews, and will provide extensive training and safety gear. We’re also looking for sub-contractors in these fields.